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The backbone of an exhaustively tested, commercial-grade web server, an unparalleled development community, and a prodigious library of trusted open source applications make the Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP (LAMP) server configuration a definite cull for organizations seeking following solutions:

eCommerce Online Forum
Web Hosting Content Management Solution
Portal Web server applications

LAMP offers a consummately open source development stack that is lightweight, inexpensive, highly efficient and facile to utilize. Several features distinguish LAMP from proprietary application frameworks and offer advantages that are availing corporate developers and IT managers bring incipient applications online more expeditiously and at lower cost while simplifying their infrastructures and amending their returns on IT investment

Our Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (LAMP) experts design and develop robust, secure and cost efficacious ECommerce applications, Web server applications, portal solutions and other homogeneous applications

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

SIP is a signaling protocol utilized for establishing sessions in an IP network. It is an IETF application layer protocol for establishing, manipulating, and tearing down sessions. A session could be a simple two-way telephone call or it could be a collaborative multi-media conference session. The ability to establish these sessions designates that a host of innovative accommodations become possible, such as voice-enriched e-commerce, web page click-to-dial, Instant Messaging with buddy lists, and IP Centrex accommodations. SIP's main purport is to avail session progenitors distribute invitations to potential session participants wherever they may be. SIP was designed to work with a broad spectrum of IP telephony protocols. To this end SIP provides four rudimentary functions.

  • Allows for the establishment of user location (i.e. translating from a user's name to their current network address)
  • Provides for feature negotiation so that all of the participants in a session can agree on the features to be supported among them
  • A mechanism for call management - for example adding, dropping, or transferring participants
  • Allows for changing features of a session while it is in progress Our Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) experts help enterprises reap the benefits of VoIP without the cost and hassle of replacing your current telecommunication system.

VoiceOver Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice over Internet Protocol There is no single application platform, which brings in authentic world voice users and virtual world IM users together. The architecture below provides building blocks of the above-mentioned platform. It is pristinely predicated Voxeo VoiceCenter SIP platform. Softinn Corp. has designed and developed a Next Generation collaboration platform utilizing VOIP and IM - unique patented call model to sanction authentic world consumers to connect to anyone who is online in some form utilizing a standard predicated VXML technology like CCXML 1.0 call control, CallXML 2.0, ENUM Call routing and Syslog Logging.

Our Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) experts designed and developed a unique patented call model to sanction authentic world consumers to connect to anyone who is online in some form utilizing a standard predicated VXML technology like CCXML 1.0 call control, CallXML 2.0, ENUM Call routing and Syslog Logging

Electronic Health Records Management Features of Softinn Corp.'s

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Management Systems Digital data recording of a patient's health information (demographics, progress notes, quandaries, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data, and radiology) Automates and streamlines health accommodations provider's workflow and has the ability to engender a consummate record of any patient incident with the provider.

Fortifies evidence-predicated decision support, quality management, and outcomes reporting, directly or indirectly via technology interfaces Fortifies integrated architecture to sanction sharing of the patient's data record across the sundry departments of a provider like Radiology, Clinical, Lab, Nursing, Pharmacy and Administration Fortifies interoperability by adhering to standards needed for Clinical lexica (International Relegation of Disease; Systemized Nomenclature of Medicine; Logical Observation Identifiers, Names and Codes; Health Level 7), Healthcare message exchanges, EHR ontologies Softinn Corp. can avail any health care provider with installation of a comprehensive EHR to cut down inefficiencies, integrating information silos, reducing errors and incrementing ROI.

EHR management systems support more efficient and precise accumulation, storage, analysis and distribution of data. It eliminates the desideratum for managing paper files providing immediate efficiency benefits Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition (EE) Oracle provides the most consummate, open, and integrated business perspicacity solution on the market today. Oracle's gamut of best in class BI capabilities includes enterprise reporting, ad hoc query and analysis, dashboards, and scorecards. Users are presented with a wide spectrum of affluent visualization options, embedded search, collaboration, mobile access.

Microsoft Office integration, and the ability to initiate actions directly from their dashboards. Oracle's BI Substratum is augmented with a comprehensive portfolio of packaged BI and Performance Management applications. Oracle's open BI substratum integrates with heterogeneous middleware and infrastructure environments, and provides universal access to all enterprise data types, including relational, OLAP, and unstructured data sources. All Oracle BI products are integrated with mundane metadata, security, clustering, administration accommodations, query request generation and optimized data access accommodations.


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